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You must have frequently heard the name of Java. It is a widely used programming language that is extensively used in web design, programming, and development of applications on a variety of platforms. If you know about Java, C# (pronounced as C Sharp) would not be difficult to understand. C# is a programming language that was developed by Microsoft. The language is used frequently to build ASP.NET websites (ASP stands for Active Server Pages). 

One of the reasons why it is so increasingly popular is that Microsoft’s .NET framework allows programmers to develop dynamic web pages by using C#, J#, VB and other script languages. ASP.NET websites can be hosted through any Windows based server. There are a number of websites that are shifting from other technologies to ASP.NET web development due to its power and flexibility. While you may frequently visit websites that were developed using C#, you may not be aware of it. Simply put, and would have been impossible if it wasn’t for ASP.NET.

ASP.NET provides a much greater control on web content and is not restricted to large-scale websites. Even individual websites and small businesses use this technology quite often to develop dynamic web applications with business logic and functionality.

Some of the advantages of using C# over other script languages for web development include the following:

  • Large scale applications generally require a great level of coding. With ASP.NET, this requirement is greatly reduced which also decreases the design time for developers.
  • Most script languages require time and a great amount of resources for compilation. However, ASP.NET is already optimized to incorporate just in time compilation and early binding.
  • Web pages designed with ASP.NET are flexible and compatible with most web browsers.
  • ASP.NET integrates source code and HTML which automatically makes web pages much easier to maintain. The source code on such websites gets executed on the server and provides more control, speed and flexibility to web pages.
  • Instead of editing scripts for any modifications to a website, ASP.NET allows developers to add, edit or remove content with ease and convenience.
  • The level of security and privacy provided by ASP.NET is much higher than other script languages as the codes cannot be viewed from a web browser.
  • The platform allows programmers to perform common tasks such as form submission, client authentication, deployment and site configuration easily. 
  • If one does not wish to work with C#, ASP.NET also allows programmers to use multiple script languages such that the best one could be selected for each application.
  • ASP.NET is purely server side technology and all codes are executed on the server before they are sent to the browser.
  • In case of a memory leak or any other illegal activity on the page, the web server stops the activity to restart it. All pages are constantly monitored by the server. 
  • Deployment is particularly simple on ASP.NET as it does not require any registration of components.

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