What Else to Look for With Cheap Web Hosting

In an very competitive web hosting environment, it’s nice to know that cheap web hosting can still be had without sacrificing on any of the most necessary essentials. The one place where an evolving, growing business should never sacrifice is on the web site that, for all practical purposes is the first impression his business will ever make upon his clients to be. For entrepreneurs, as well as developers and site designers, you’ll want database hosting, unlimited Windows hosting, SQL Server as well as ASP.NET web hosting for as many websites as you might need to host. ASP.NET is able to also power all of your mobile applications with such responsive design frameworks as Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb’s Foundation or Skeleton. (You can actually use practically any CSS framework, or the open grid system of your preference.)

Users with an interest in software development may wish to consider Windows cloud hosting, which provides resources as needed for a set, affordable monthly price … a far more economical use of your own personal resources than providing full tools and working space 24/7, when much of that time might be time not utilized. Something else to look for that you’ll probably find most advantageous is the ability to install/run not only Windows but also the more common of the Linux web applications all upon the same website. Whether your need is for reseller space, cloud hosting or something different, it is important to consider such things as:

  • GB of space
  • Bandwidth GB
  • Number of websites
  • Number of hosting accounts
  • Number of static IP addresses
  • Number of FTP logins
  • Number of Application pools
  • Number of MySQL databases
  • GB SQL Server database space
  • GB MySQL database space
  • Plesk control panels
  • ASP.Net (including classic ASP) and PHP web applications support
  • Percentage of server up time

Ideally you’ll want to choose the plan that suits your current needs, but which also gives you room in which to grow. You probably look forward to reselling numerous websites in which you provide each of your new clients with a Windows web hosting package … this must be planned for in advance. Be sure to choose a company with the depth and breadth of experience to back you up in an emergency. Look for providers whose response time providing support and problem resolution can be measured in minutes if not hours, and certainly not in days. The Internet is constantly evolving. Make certain your provider is flexible enough to evolve with it, and who will be able to provide you with cutting edge capabilities as they develop, and leads, the pack as opposed to bringing up the rear.

Any way you look at it, when everything else is a level playing field, you’re looking at the need for cheap web hosting, space, speed and service. In this business, you’re a link in a chain, and each link is only as strong as the one that precedes it. Do your homework, make your comparisons, and choose wisely, for your customers might just depend upon the choice you make today as a customer!

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